Richard Hugh Baker

Richard Hugh Baker

  • R-LA, 6th District1987 – 2008
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Lifetime Score 76%

2005: 69%
2006: 64%
2007: 89%

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Ineligible / Out of OfficeDid Not Vote
Voted with FreedomWorks principlesAnti-Freedom Vote
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2008: 110th Congress N/A

Rep. Baker has not been scored for 2008 because of his January resignation.

  • 1: H.Amdt. 928 to H.R. 3524 - Prevents wage restrictionsDid Not Vote

    Key Vote 1: H.Amdt. 928 to H.R. 3524 - Prevents wage restrictions

    This amendment would prevent funds in the bill from being used to fund Davis-Bacon Act wage requirements. The Davis-Bacon Act is an obsolete and destructive wage control program which requires that employees be paid at the "prevailing local wage". Because this prevailing wage is usually artificially set by unions, Davis Bacon essentially forces government contractors to hire more expensive union labor, wasting taxpayer dollars.

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