Paul G. Kirk

Paul G. Kirk

  • D-MA, Senator2009 – 2010
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2010: 111th Congress N/A

Senator Paul Kirk has not been scored for 2010 because he was a temporary appointment to fill Senator Kennedy's seat after his death and was replaced in January.

  • 1: S.Amdt. 3301 to H.J.Res. 45 - To terminate TARPNay

    Key Vote 1: S.Amdt. 3301 to H.J.Res. 45 - To terminate TARP

    This amendment would terminate the Troubled Asset Relief Program, the $700 billion taxpayer-funded bailout to big banks and corporations.

    "Yea" votes scored.
  • 2: H.J.Res. 45 - Statutory Pay-As-You-Go ActYea

    Key Vote 2: H.J.Res. 45 - Statutory Pay-As-You-Go Act

    This bill contains a more than $1 trillion increase in the federal debt ceiling. Raising the debt ceiling should be accompanied by measures to cut spending so that such an increase would not be necessary in future. Instead, this bill merely contains a "pay-as-you-go" procedure which Congress can easily ignore and which does nothing to address the current record spending levels.

    "Nay" votes scored.
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