Greg Murphy

Greg Murphy

  • R-NC, 3rd District2019 – present
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2019: 100%

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2019: 116th Congress 100%

  • 40: On Passage: Short-Term Continuing Resolution, H.R. 4378Nay

    Key Vote 40: On Passage: Short-Term Continuing Resolution, H.R. 4378

    The continued practice of governance by CR merely sets up another showdown where Congress will be pushed into enacting a massive last-second spending binge before they can go home for the holidays. It will continue spending at near-record deficit levels, while simultaneously including a host of program reauthorizations that ought to have been considered, and potentially amended, on their own. This spending continues at a level that will shortly lead us back to trillion-dollar annual deficits, while the national debt limit remains suspended through 2021, granting the federal government a blank check to tax future generations through spending money it does not possess.

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