Alan Nunnelee

Alan Nunnelee

  • R-MS, 1st District2011 – 2015
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Lifetime Score 67%

2011: 72%
2012: 60%
2013: 64%

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Ineligible / Out of OfficeDid Not Vote
Voted with FreedomWorks principlesAnti-Freedom Vote
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2015: 114th Congress N/A

Congressman Nunnellee has not been scored for 2015 because he died in office in February.

  • 1: On Passage: H.R. 596 - To Fully Repeal ObamaCare Did Not Vote

    Key Vote 1: On Passage: H.R. 596 - To Fully Repeal ObamaCare

    This bill fully repeals all of ObamaCare and also directs the relevant House committees to draft a patient-centered health care reform proposal to replace it. ObamaCare has failed to either make health insurance more affordable or to improve access or quality of care, and must be repealed in order to enact real reforms to accomplish those goals.

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