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This amendment would save taxpayers $450 million by cutting the development of the superfluous second engine for the F-35 fighter jet. The military already has one functioning engine for the F-35, and this second design is a wasteful payoff to defense contractors. Even the military says that this program is not necessary.

H.AMDT.16 (A006)
Amends: H.R.1
Sponsor: Rep Rooney, Thomas J. [FL-16] (offered 2/15/2011)

Amendment reduces Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation, for both the Navy and Air Force by $450,000,000 by striking the funding for an extra engine for the F-35 fighter.

An amendment numbered 2 printed in the Congresssional Record to reduce Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation, Navy by $ 225,000,000, reduce Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation, Air Force by $225,000,000 and increase Defense by $450,000,000.


2/15/2011 7:39pm:
Amendment (A006) offered by Mr. Rooney. (consideration: CR H855-858; text: CR H855)

2/16/2011 1:48pm:
On agreeing to the Rooney amendment (A006) Agreed to by recorded vote: 233 - 198, 1 Present (Roll no. 46). (consideration: CR H957-958)